Workshops on HPCA

2nd Workshop


High Performance Computing



March 6, 2021

March 1, 2021
(Deadline for Abstract Submission)

March 4, 2021
(Deadline for Participant Application)

Online via ZOOM Sessions

Organizing Committee

Özgür Uğraş Baran (Mechanical Eng.) Mehmet Karaca (Aerospace Eng.) Pınar Karagöz (Comp. Eng.)

Harun Koku (Chemical Eng.) Murat Manguoğlu (Comp. Eng.) Antoine Marion (Chemistry)

Nilay Sezer Uzol (Aerospace Eng.) Cevat Şener (Comp. Eng.) Hande Toffoli (Physics)

Sinan Kaan Yerli (Physics) Erol Yıldırım (Chemistry)

The workshop program will be conducted through zoom; click the icon.

Passcode to the session has been sent by e-mail to registered participants.

Workshop Program